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Creating, being creative, is about letting my mind lead me down paths i haven’t explored before. sometimes it begins with a prompt from someone else or an upcoming event. it’s always been part of who i am to be creative with my clothing, my living space, my performance flyers and programs and to piece it all together myself and sometimes with the collaboration of other folks.

My approach is the same across all my artistic endeavors — follow my instincts.


Sewing brings me incredible delight. primarily because of the textiles. i am wild about bright happy colors! my esthetic is built on mixing together patterns and colors that at first glance you might think will never work and then surprisingly it does! creating unique pillow covers, drawstring bags big and small, jewelry pouches, and serviettes is big time fun!


Miniature dioramas started as a prompt from a creator friend. she asked me to make something that represented a fantastical environment in any form including using a computer application. i looked at what i had on hand and invented a fantastical space inside of a kleenex box using my childhood tchotchke collection. i created more miniature kleenex box scenes for live performances and have saved over 300 boxes for my future miniature dioramas.


Collage art is therapeutic. it can tell the history of someone or something. it’s incredibly personal. the pieces that i’ve worked on have all been gifts and tell a story about my relationship to the recipient. i love sending people cards, writing a poem or personal note, and affixing just the right stamp to the envelope. it is so delicious to receive cards and letters in the mail. it means someone took the time to write and deposit the envelope in the mailbox! when i receive mail from friends and family i am filled with joy!! crafting collage cards for different occasions puts me in a meditative state. i don’t begin with a plan or a format - i sit among all of the possible materials and concentrate on who it is i’m creating a piece for and then it begins to take shape. my dear recipients use their cards as tree ornaments, book markers, and frame them!


Photography as seen through the eye of the beholder. there are so many details that can be focused on in a photo. what i cherish about pressing the button is that in an instant i’m making a decision about what i want to capture in that moment in time. something caught my eye and my heart said, “stop and make this memory.”