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Thank you for visiting my website! 

My name is Deborah Latz 

I am a vocalist, composer, sound artist, actor, vocal + theater improviser, theater-video maker, voice teacher + coach, shehnai enthusiast, sewist, + artist. 

Singing, teaching, and composing are three of my favorite things to do! 


I have released four jazz vocal albums on my label June Moon Productions (JMP) to critical acclaim and a debut duo album, counterpoise, with Pat Wictor on Duology Records. All of my music can be found here in Music and Collaborations as well as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and more.

Here’s some of that critical acclaim: 


“The directness of Latz’s delivery is a matter of wised-up, mature consolation, the honesty of shared confidence.” 



“She is accomplished in the fullest meaning of the word: highly trained, skillful, finished, complete, polished, refined, realized. Deborah Latz has something to say and she has the talent and the ability to say it.” 

— Steven A. Cerra, JAZZ PROFILES 


“After hearing the opening cut, which features tenor saxophonist Joel Frahm, I wondered how she could top it. But she did. Deborah’s singing of “My Favorite Things” is in the same class as John Coltrane’s instrumental version of the same composition. I hadn’t heard this lady until I played ‘Lifeline,’ but I’m now an ardent fan.” 

— Steve Emerine, of the ARIZONA DAILY STAR 

A few of the music venues I've played in New York City are The Blue Note, The Kitano, The Cutting Room, Cornelia Street Cafe, and Bar Next Door. I've toured in France, Italy, China, Canada, and the East and West coast of the United States. As an actor I trained at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco; the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England; and with Anne Bogart, Richard Edelman, and Alan Langdon in New York City.


I have been a voice teacher for over 25 years in New York City. I combine my training as a Somatic VoiceworkTM The LoVetri Method teacher with my professional singing and acting experience. It brings me the greatest of joy to nurture singers and speakers of all ages and levels to guide them toward vocal expression and freedom!

Here’s a testimonial from one of my students: 

“Working with Deborah has been such a revelation! Having a teacher who is invested in bringing out what exists in me instead of molding me into what is “proper” has been transformative for my voice and the joy I get from singing. Learning about vocal health and unlocking stress in the body has done more for me than any other method I’ve tried. Her teaching style is not only supportive and instructive, but fun and liberating.” 

— Laura S., Brooklyn, NY 

In my voice studio I concentrate on healthful singing. My goal is to help the student to find joy, freedom and personal expression in singing and speaking - and to keep the student's unique individuality as a singer and storyteller. 

I work with students to build a healthy technique for singing jazz, blues, folk, musical theater, and professional speaking through body awareness, vocal and physical exercises, and always focus on a supportive, safe, and fun environment. 

Teaching for me is about listening, patience, understanding and two-way communication with the student. It is exhilarating to be a part of the student’s growing awareness of their voice and body, and to see them achieve their vocal goals! 

For more information and rates please email me through the contact form


Songs I’ve written and recorded Jump In, Fig Tree, She Was, You Are

My music compositions for multimedia theater can be heard here in MEDEA REDUX  and TRANSCENDENT for Walk On Air Productions. 

I hope you enjoy exploring my website and I look forward to hearing from you!


photo by @dpipe_

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