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From a pianissimo note held for five measures, to a rollicking, sax-based tune of her own, to deep and penetrating scats, Deborah Latz’ album, Lifeline, covers a wide range of moods, and emotions – all supported by Deborah’s accomplished vocals and an outstanding group of side men and women.

release date September 23 2008
Deborah Latz vocals
Daniela Schächter piano
Bob Bowen bass
Elisabeth Keledjian drums
special guest
Joel Frahm tenor sax
Michael Brorby recording & mixing
Recorded August 2 & 3, 2007 and January 12, 2008
Acoustic Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Gene Paul mastering
Mastered June 13, 2008
DB Plus, New York, NY
©Todd Weinstein photography
Kristopher Pelletier art direction

album artwork / liner notes

critical acclaim for lifeline

“Pleasing vibe…smiling, easy “Waltz for Debby”…”I Didn’t Know” hits glory strides à lá Carla White. Latz’s fine feel for French lends some tunes an Edith Piaf-like quick vibrato and brittle grace…”

— Fred Bouchard, DOWNBEAT


“Ms. Latz has such flawless control of her fluid soprano that she is able to weave melodic variations on songs such as “Get Along,” “Sounds,” and-yes!-even “Favorite Things,” and do so with such incredibly natural ease...”

— Alan Bargebuhr, CADENCE


“When it comes to singing at very slow tempos, few are in Deborah Latz’s league... She knows just how to take her time... Lifeline is a gem well worth hearing several times.”

— Scott Yanow, L.A. JAZZ SCENE


“...Latz’s poignant vocals pull everything together. She draws out the melodies, making each note count ... one of the finest balladeers...”



“Deborah Latz is a bold singer with a strong sense of her own musical identity. So sure-footed is she that it’s hard to imagine her needing a lifeline - she’s more the type to throw one to the sinking.”

— Suzanne Lorge, NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD (concert review)


“Deborah, just where have you been all my life?” “...I just can’t take it [Lifeline] off my player.” — Dan Singer, columnist for ENGLAND'S, IN TUNE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE 


“This is jazz with a feminine touch...Deborah Latz leads this band of outstanding musicians to realize her unique artistic view. The highlights are a CD [Lifeline] coherent from beginning to end. 4 STARS”



“After hearing the opening cut, which features tenor saxophonist Joel Frahm, I wondered how she could top it. But she did. Deborah’s singing of “My Favorite Things” is in the same class as John Coltrane’s instrumental version of the same composition. I hadn’t heard this lady until I played ‘Lifeline,’ but I’m now an ardent fan.”

— Steve Emerine, of the ARIZONA DAILY STAR


“[on] the swinging Witchcraft...Latz belts out the lyrics in a fashion that The Chairman of the Board would be proud of.”

— Edward Blanco, EJAZZNEWS.COM


“Deborah Latz covers a startling range of moods and emotions…[the three songs done in French] are instantly romantic aphrodisiacs. Pleasure upon multiple pleasure!”

— Bob Morello, BOSTON POST-GAZETTE, Facts on Wax

“Deborah Latz... is a seasoned veteran when it comes to creative expression and musical performance...There is an undeniably unique quality to Latz’ approach to jazz standards...”



“Deborah Latz offers a musical album of experiences and images that take the listener on a journey – haunting, spare, rambunctious, heartfelt… and deeply felt.”

— Laurence Donohue-Greene, Managing Editor, ALLABOUTJAZZ-NEW YORK


“Lifeline’ is destined to be one of those eternal gemstones in jazz music’s archives...”

— Susan Frances, JAZZREVIEW.COM


“Latz knows how to deliver the songs with a different slant... jazz vocal fans have a new star to celebrate.”

— Chris Spector, MIDWEST RECORD


“…Latz is the real thing. She swings, phrases well and any liberties taken are done with respect for the lyrics.”

— Ray Comiskey, THE IRISH TIMES, Ireland 


“She is one of those relatively few singers who expresses the emotion of the lyric with style and sensitivity.”



“...jazz is clearly her first tongue... she wraps you in the deep, rich tones that come lilting from her so was her original, “Jump In” that turned out to be my favorite cut... It is just vibrant, full of life and lyrically about as jazzy as I’ve heard in the last 5 years from a female jazz singer.”

— Rotcod Zzaj, IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION, Issue # 88

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