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On her fourth album, sur l’instant, vocalist Deborah Latz enjoys the company of two superb musicians, the pianist Alain Jean-Marie and the bassist Gilles Naturel. Gone are the drummers, guitarists and horn players that fleshed out the striking performances on her previous recordings. Yet by reducing the instrumentation, the focus is drawn ever more closely to the fine points of Latz’s evolving art. Set in relief against her compatriot’s sensitive and open-eared accompaniment, Latz displays the expressive depth and masterful interpretive skills that mark her as one of the most gifted singers of her generation.

sur l'instant CD

    1. Love Theme From "Spartacus"
    2. Throw It Away
    3. Weep No More
    4. All The Things You Are
    5. Four
    6. Blue Monk
    7. Mr. P.C.
    8. Nature Boy
    9. Over The Rainbow
  • release date May 05 2015
    Deborah Latz vocals
    Alain Jean-Marie piano
    Gilles Naturel bass
    Julien Basseres recording engineer
    Antonin Guerre assistant recording engineer
    recorded September